Product description

In post-operative care, easy access to the stoma without removing the appliance can be critical – especially in case of difficult stomas in need of extra care.

For easy access to the stoma

SenSura post-op makes it possible for your patients to get the right start, as it combines the SenSura double-layer adhesive with the features that are essential in post-operative care:
  • Easy access to the stoma through the window
  • Effective drainage through soft outlet that connects easily to various night bags

SenSura post-op is available in sterile and non-sterile, with 70mm and 100mm window, as well as without window.

SenSura double-layer adhesive for security and skin care

The unique SenSura adhesive has two layers, designed to deliver the security needed to live everyday with confidence:
  • Protection layer - protects the skin from stoma output
  • Skin care layer - keeps skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture